Bring your school mascot to life as a 3-D sculpture!

CFW has a studio located in Chicago, Illinois. Our sculptors, production artists, and fabricators do excellent work right on the premises.

Schools that have bought our Bulldog:

  • Butler University
  • North Mason High School
  • Winslow High School
  • Eyer Middle School
  • Northwood Academy Charter School
  • Guinnett County Public School
  • Ferris State University
  • Streator Township High School
  • Celina City Schools
  • Kenmore-Tonowanda Schools
  • Grandville Football Boosters
  • Special Olympics, Pittsburg, KS.
  • Okanagan Sr. High School
  • Harris Elementary School
  • Peoria Accelerated High School
  • Three Rivers High School

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Our gallery above shows that we can take your mascot and bring it to life. We can create dogs, lions, tigers, panthers, trojans, cardinals, bears, beavers, boilermakers, name it. We can make it realistic or stylized like a cartoon as well, to perfectly represent your mascot. We welcome you to visit our studio or contact us to discuss the specifications of your project with Joe or Paul Albarran.